Energy Assessments and Reporting

An energy assessment is usually the first step towards more efficient operations as it provides an understanding of how and where a resource is being consumed, and a way forward to addressing potential measures to reduce consumption.

Assessments, or energy audits, vary from a simple ‘walk-through’ by a specialised engineer to detailed analysis and the installation of temporary or permanent ‘smart meters’. Similarly, the assessment report will reflect the level of detail of the assessment, and may include benchmarking estimates or detailed calculations of usage and cost-benefit analysis to investment level for implementation of identified opportunities.

Where possible we will help you access government funding for energy assessments.

The most effective assessment is the one designed specifically for an objective. The optimal level and type of analysis required is dependent on the desired outcomes, so before commencing an assessment we will want to work with our client to ascertain the assessment’s purpose. Knowing its purpose means we can suggest the best type and detail of assessment according to the need, and clients will receive a report that meets their expectations.

The Australian Energy Efficiency Standards provide a useful guide to accepted practice, breaking assessment types into three levels. We suggest the following assessment types either as they stand or as a starting point to be customised.