Environmental Ratings and Certification

All levels of Australian government are increasingly relying upon various environmental benchmarks to facilitate a transition to sustainable development. Many organisations are now performing such ratings either in response to legislation or on a voluntary basis. Practical Sustainability has extensive experience in delivering the following ratings:


Our team conducts accredited NABERS (ABGR) ratings for Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment across commercial Office buildings, Hotels and Retail. Our specialist engineering team also provides all the expertise required to undertake NABERS Commitment Agreements.

Information on our process and how to apply for a NABERS certificate is available here. General information can be found at www.nabers.com.au

Mandatory Disclosure (Building Energy Efficiency Certificates)

Legislation for certification and mandatory disclosure of commercial building's energy efficiency has been passed and we are currently in a transition period. In brief, this means that buildings that fall under the legislation need to have a current NABERS rating before selling or leasing space with a NLA of more than 2,000 sq.m.

Green Star

Green Star is a comprehensive and voluntary rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings. Green Star tools are now widely utilised in the design of new commercial developments. Practical Sustainability provides accredited Green Star assessments and sensitivity analysis to architects and Australian property developers. General information can be found at www.gbca.org.au