Renewable Energy

We provide services across a wide range of renewable energy technologies including: feasibility studies, advice on selection of alternative energy and technology solutions, and the design and installation of renewable energy systems.

We provide analysis to identify opportunities for your business to generate renewable electricity according to your requirements, potentially providing power more cheaply than if you purchased Green Power. We understand both the technical and non-technical issues associated with renewable energy technologies and provide practical services tailored for your requirements:

Solar photovoltaic (PV)

Solar power for small and large scale needs on a turnkey basis, or any part of the following services:

  • Initial site analysis, including financial payback and feasibility
  • Technology comparison
  • Detailed design and recommendation of optimal system
  • Supply
  • System installation and Commissioning

Solar Thermal

We provide full services for Solar Thermal: systems which convert the sun's energy into heat that can be used to offset loads typically provided by electricity or natural gas.

Wind Power 

Systems to harness wind power continue to evolve and are becoming a cost effective way to generate energy in some situations. We provide feasibility studies for your site, including the potential for building integrated systems.