Technical Support

Demand for specialised and customised technical support services has grown dramatically in recent years. Building owners and managers are increasingly faced with trying to verify suppliers' claims and assess quality of products and technologies they are unfamiliar with. Technologies are continually evolving. Technical support can include any of the following:

  • Identifying, prioritising and targeting opportunities
  • Development of business cases, to your criteria, ready for internal approval
  • Preparation of technical specification or design briefs, and support preparing tender or RFQ documents
  • Assistance with obtaining and evaluating appropriate quotes
  • Benchmarking, monitoring, and verification plans
  • Assistance accessing the Energy Savings Scheme and other funding opportunities
  • Site inspections to verify implementation and commissioning

Energy management

Improved energy management provides opportunities that cannot be ignored, and planning with specialist support provides the best outcomes. We assist in integrating energy management planning into the organisation you have, linking to and leveraging existing policies and budget cycles. Our continuing specialist input will assist you to:

  • Understand current energy usage: measure, report on, and benchmark consumption
  • Continually assess and prioritise opportunities. Determine consumption patterns and trends for energy consuming equipment. Track maintenance costs, useful life, and upgrade cost estimates
  • Identify requirements for implementation, including a plan to monitor and verify gains
  • Prepare the Business Case for Board approval
  • Implement - from technology choice to verification of installation and commissioning
  • Gain commitment: staff engagement
  • Set energy goals and SMART targets, and celebrate achievement

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Training is always customised, and is focussed on capacity building. We have delivered training in several formats, including full-day training sessions and workshops, according to the need. We have developed training packages specifically to various sector's requirements both in-house and in conjunction with training programs organised by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The training content we have developed is directed in two main streams:

  • training for creating or increase your own capacity to increase energy efficiency over the medium and long term, and
  • energy management planning workshops in which we provide the tools and processes needed to develop and implement effective energy planning, including development of actual plans and business cases during workshops

Training and workshops are designed to ensure participants gain a good understanding of how to implement the opportunities available in a facility, from understanding energy pricing and consumption patterns, facility energy balances, new technologies, to how to prepare a business case for energy efficiency measures.

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